Waitrose, in London first to launch gluten-free bread made of Teff

Ms Wossenie Desta

Waitrose supermarket in London launch a bread using gluten-free grain "Teff" introduced by it's Ethiopian employee Ms Wossenie Desta, London Metro reported.

Waistrose has become the first supermarket to launch a bread using a gluten-free ‘supergrain’ - thanks to a suggestion from one of its shop workers.

The supermarket took on board Desta Wossenie’s idea when she showed bosses ‘delicious’ loaves using calcium and iron-rich seed flour made from Teff, which is native to her home country of Ethiopia.

‘To see my idea turned into reality is amazing. It makes me so proud,’ said Ms Wossenie, from the Little Waitrose branch in Victoria, London.

To convince product managers of the benefits and versatility of Teff - whose ‘superfans’ include Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow - she provided them with examples such as injera, the staple flatbread of Ethiopia.

Kate Smith-Bingham, Waitrose’s bakery buyer, said: ‘Last year, we saw lots of shoppers choosing flour alternatives such as coconut flour, so when Desta showed us a fantastic bread that used Teff instead of wheat, we couldn’t wait to get it into products.’ Waitrose Teff Bread loaf will be available for £2.99 in 161 branches.




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