43 Killed and 119 Injured in Church Bomb Attacks in Egypt

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Rescue workers help a victim of the attack in Alexandria.

ISIS claims responsibility for the bombings

EZ: At least 43 people died and 119 injured after two explosions at two Coptic churches in two cities of Egypt on Palm Sunday (April 9, 2017), one of the most important days on the Christian calendar. ISIS claimed responsibility for bombings.

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Why Ethiopia is Building a Space Programme

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Space programme

The Economist: And why critics think it an odd use of scarce resources

The ancient holy town of Lalibela, perched some 2,500 metres above sea-level in Ethiopia’s northern highlands, boasts some of the clearest night skies imaginable. Ethiopian stargazers dream that the mountains around Lalibela may one day host a world-class observatory to rival the big ones in Chile and Hawaii. And in time Ethiopia hopes to do more than just gaze at the stars. It would like to launch its own satellites, too.

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State of emergency extends by four months

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Ethiopian Portesters.

EZ (Ethiopia Zare): The Ethiopian government dominated by the ruling party, EPRDF, has extended the State Of Emergency by four additional months, which was declared six months ago, in October 2016, and was due to end in April 2017.

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Four Killed and 12 Injured in London Terror Attack

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London Terror Attack, 22 March 2017

EZ: Four people including a police officer have been killed after a knifeman brought terror to the heart of London, reported UK media. An attacker stabbed a policeman and was shot by police just outside Britain's parliament building Westminster on Wednesday. The police described it as a "terrorist incident."

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