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A picture of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Why I nominated Abiy Ahmed for the Nobel Peace Pri…

14 October, 2019

The prize not only acknowledges the Ethiopian prime minister's commitment to peace, but encourages him to do more. By Awol K Allo The Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded the 100th Nobel Peace Prize to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali, for "his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation" and for his "decisive initiative" to end the long-running military stalemate with neighbouring Eritrea.


PM Abiy Ahmed

Abiy Ahmed has been awarded a Nobel Prize, now he …

12 October, 2019

By Mesfin Mekonen Right now, he is on the same path that the Burmese politician Aung San Suu Kyi traveled. She won a Nobel Peace prize not for what she had accomplished, but rather for things the Nobel committee hoped she would accomplish. The committee’s hopes were misplaced. Aung San Suu Kyi is today shunned the international community, treated as a pariah because she has stood aside, saying and doing nothing to prevent ethnic genocide. Now she is complicit not only...


The Sharpeville (South Africa) Massacr

Remembering the Sharpeville (South Africa) and Mel…

21 March, 2019

By Prof. Al Mariam Special Author’s Note: For the past few years, I have written commemorative commentaries on the Sharpeville Massacre of March 21, 1960 and the Meles Massacres of 2005. I have written these commentaries to remind those who believe in solving problems with large scale violence that violence begets violence and lasting peace can be achieved only through dialogue and mutual give and take based on goodwill and good faith. One of the common criticisms leveled against H.E. Prime Minister...




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