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Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on Nile

The Egyptian Proxy War With Ethiopia: Why Are Some…

21 April, 2021

Part II article that focus on external forces that exert an influence on deteriorating conditions in Ethiopia. By Obang Metho A compromise to Egypt’s water share is a red line, and our response [if our water share is affected] will affect the stability of the whole region, ... (A recent comment made by Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi) Some Ethiopians seem to be on the wrong side of an Egyptian proxy war against their own country. As ethnic-based killing and violence explodes in Ethiopia...


Re-thinking Ethiopia's Ethnic Federalism

Institutionalized Tribalism

16 April, 2021

Ethiopia’s Constitution and Ethnic Federalist Government Increase the Risk of Instability in Ethiopia By Obany Metho Institutionalized tribalism, in its worst form, was officially adopted under the deceptive name of Ethnic Federalism, 30 years ago, under the former government led by the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). It was a way to placate some ethnic groups; however, the result of it is now threatening our survival as a country.

Political Analysis

Obang Metho

Ethiopia is at Risk of Becoming a Failed State! Wh…

07 April, 2021

If we, Ethiopians agree that Ethiopia is at risk of becoming a failed state, are we willing to face the crisis before it is too late? If yes, can we work together as citizens to find areas of consensus, despite our differences? By Obany Metho Increasingly, many, including me, believe Ethiopia has become a fragile state, in serious danger of collapse and descent into a failed state. Two growing sources of violence are potential threats: armed military conflict in the Tigray Region...


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