Two Ethiopians confirmed Covid-19 infections in UAE

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15 new cases of coronavirus in the UAE, 2 Chinese patients recover, Covid-19 cases go up to 45, with 7 cases of recovery in the country

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) on Saturday morning reported 15 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of confirmed Covid-19 infections in the country to 45.

Mneanwhile, two Chinese patients previously diagnosed with the coronavirus in the UAE have recovered from the illness, according to MoHAP.

The patients, aged 38 and 10 years, were members of a Chinese family of four that was first diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in the UAE. All four members have now been confirmed to be virus-free.

15 new cases

At the same time, the UAE has detected 15 new cases of the illness that has brought economies around the world to a standstill. The total count of people diagnosed with Covid-19 in the UAE now stands at 45.

The new cases were diagnosed through early monitoring and reporting systems implemented in the country. Among the affected is a patient each from Thailand, Morocco, China and India, as well as two individuals from Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Iran. In addition, three Emiratis have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

SOURCE: Gulf News

The final two cases — one an Emirati and the other an Egyptian — were found by an active surveillance system after they had been in close contact with other patients on the UAE Tour cycling event.

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The two persons, who were detected through the active and continuous screening, were among those who came into contact with the recently announced technicians of the UAE Tour.

Five people have been quarantined for being in touch with the infected persons and are being screened and tested to make sure they are free from the disease.


Meanwhile, the Ministry announced the recovery of two Covid-19 patients (a 38-year-old Chinese citizen and 10-year-old boy), taking the number of cured patients to 7.

The Ministry of Health has stated that since the emergence of the virus in China, all relevant authorities in the UAE are working hand in hand to monitor the disease and handle all infected cases in accordance with international protocols to protect the community.

The ministry has said it is also conducting tests for all contacts to ensure their safety and that of the community.

Advice to public

"The public are also advised to adopt protective health behaviours to avoid infectious diseases, including washing hands with soap and clean water, and covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing to stop the spread of germs and viruses," the ministry said.

Avoid rumours, false information

It urged the public to get all information about coronavirus from credible sources and to avoid rumours and sharing false information.


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