Ethiopians Dominated the 39th Edition of the Stockholm Marathon

Konjit Tilahun winner of Stockholm Marathon, 2017

By Ethiopia Zare Staff, Stockholm

Ethiopian Abraha Milaw Assefa, 29, was the fastest man on the men’s side and won the 39th Stockholm Marathon, on June 3, 2017, at 2.11.36, and Konjit Tilahun was the fastest woman at 2.35.45. Both on women and men sides the Ethiopians Balaynesh Shifera and Samuel Getachew finished second.


Abrha Milaw won the Stockholm Marathon after a dramatic and tactical finish. He made the decisive move in battle with compatriot Ethiopian Samuel Getachew and Kenyan Samuel Kalalei with four kilometers left.

Abrha Milaw winner of Stockholm Marathon 2017.
Abrha Milaw, Ethiopia, winner of 39th Stockholm Marathon, June 3, 2017, at 02:11:36. (Photo: Swedish TV4)

The Stockholm Marathon record is 2.10.58 from last year, by Kenyan Stanley Koech.

I wanted to take the record. This was fine, but not as good as I had thought. I'm not disappointed but I would have liked to have the track record, says winner Abraha Milaw Assefa.


For Konjit it was her fifth marathon in just nine months and in goal she was 15 seconds before the Ethiopian athlete Balaynesh Shifera. The victory time 2.35.45 was close to eight minutes slower than her personal best record.

“I am very happy. Already at 32 kilometers I felt I could win. I knew I was in good shape” said the Konjit Tilahun to the Swedish media TT.

Results (1 - 7)


  1. Abrham Milawi (ETH) 2:11:36
  2. Samuel Getachew (ETH) 2:12:27
  3. Samuel Kalalei (KEN) 2:12:36
  4. Daniel Yator (KEN) 2:13:13                                                           
  5. Mike Mutai (KEN) 2:13:22 
  6. Yuki Kawauchi (JPN) 2:14:04
  7. Eric Kering (KEN) 2:15:15


  1. Konjit Tilahun (ETH) 2:35:45
  2. Balaynesh Shifera (ETH) 2:36:00
  3. Alice Kibor (KEN) 2:36:19
  4. Tiruwork Mekonen (ETH) 2:37:03
  5. Yoshiko Sakamoto (JPN) 2:41:34
  6. Mikaela Larsson (SWE) 2:42:21
  7. Lisa Ring (SWE) 2:43:14


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