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A man in a sweater adorned with the Lion of Judah

Hidden Fighters

08 June, 2017

By Molly Crabapple | The Baffler  Remembering America’s black antifascist vanguard They exist now mostly in archives. Photos show a beautiful young woman bent over an operating table, staring toward the camera with a mixture of defiance and exhaustion. A man in a sweater adorned with the Lion of Judah jauntily holds his flight helmet in one hand. A military commander points into the distance of a rocky Spanish valley. Salaria Kea, John Robinson, Oliver Law: they’re three of the tens of...


London Bridge Attack, on June 3, 2017.

London Bridge Attack: Three Terrorists Shot Dead A…

04 June, 2017

By Ethiopia Zare reporter Seven people have been killed and at least 48 injured in a terror attack in a horrific van and knife rampage in central London at about 22:00 on Saturday night. The three male Jihadi terrorists were shot dead by British police.


Konjit Tilahun winner of Stockholm Marathon, 2017

Ethiopians Dominated the 39th Edition of the Stock…

03 June, 2017

By Ethiopia Zare Staff, Stockholm Ethiopian Abraha Milaw Assefa, 29, was the fastest man on the men’s side and won the 39th Stockholm Marathon, on June 3, 2017, at 2.11.36, and Konjit Tilahun was the fastest woman at 2.35.45. Both on women and men sides the Ethiopians Balaynesh Shifera and Samuel Getachew finished second.


Porc-Epic Cave in Ethiopia

The World’s Oldest Art Studio Was Just Discovered …

03 June, 2017

By Sarah Cascone | AN The cave was used to process ochre pigment for 4,500 years. When the prehistoric peoples of Ethiopia wanted to make a new cave painting, it appears they knew just where to go: Porc-Epic is a cave that, for 4,500 years, was used to produce ochre, a brownish-yellow pigment often used in prehistoric artwork.

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political prisoners

The Cruel Political Jokes of the T-TPLF in Ethiopi…

25 June, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam “No Political Prisoners in Ethiopia” and “Negotiating With the Opposition” The Voice of America (Amharic) last week reported “16 Ethiopian opposition political parties agreed to discuss the anti-terrorism and other proclamations and 13 other agenda points including communications, press and charities and civic organizations” with the ruling regime in Ethiopia. However, the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) “made it clear” the issue of political prisoners is off the table because there “there are no political...


Travel warning

Pariah State?: Travel Warnings in the Land of 13-M…

18 June, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam U.S and U.K. issue warning to their citizens planning travel in Ethiopia Time was tourists flocked to Ethiopia in search of the “Land of 13-Months of Sunshine” and adventure. Ziggy Marley, son of the late great reggae king Bob Marley, even wrote a song about it:



Collective Punishment by Internet Clampdown

12 June, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam Last week, for the third time in the past year, the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) unplugged the internet. The reasons are a bit fuzzy. Some T-TPLF officials say the shutdown aims to prevent “student cheating on national exams”. During a similar clampdown last year, T-TPLF spokesman said the internet was unplugged because “social media have proven to be a distraction for students.”




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