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London Terror Attack, 22 March 2017

Four Killed and 12 Injured in London Terror Attack

22 March, 2017

EZ: Four people including a police officer have been killed after a knifeman brought terror to the heart of London, reported UK media. An attacker stabbed a policeman and was shot by police just outside Britain's parliament building Westminster on Wednesday. The police described it as a "terrorist incident."


Nate Shaw

Students Working to Help Ethiopian Boy with a Life…

20 March, 2017

By Deanne Stein (NEWS 9) WEATHERFORD, Oklahoma - A community has wrapped its arms around a young boy from Ethiopia. He was adopted by a family in Weatherford and shortly after diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. Now, a group of high school students wants to help him fund a life-changing surgery.


Andargachew Tsege

Family to see illegally jailed Andy Tsege in Ethio…

20 March, 2017

By Ian Woods (Sky News) Andy Tsege finally gets access to a lawyer almost 1,000 days after being kidnapped by the Ethiopian authorities. The family of a British man imprisoned in Ethiopia have been told they can visit him for the first time since he was illegally captured nearly three years ago. On Monday Andy Tsege will have been held for 1,000 days.


Khalid Adem in 2006.

Father Served 10 Years for Cutting His 2-years Dau…

17 March, 2017

EZ: Ethiopian father, Khalid Adem, 41, who in 2006 became both the first person prosecuted and first person to be convicted of female genital cutting in the United States, was deported to Ethiopia on Monday. He served 10 years in prison, reported the New York Times.

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Hailemariam Desalegn

Trashin’ Addis Ababa (New Flower)

20 March, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam Author’s Note: The purported prime minster of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn, is a sanitary engineer with a master’s degree from Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in Finland. The sanitary engineering profession is concerned with the removal and disposal of human waste and finding ways of supplying safe potable water.


Smith & Bass

Hearing Ethiopia on The Hill

14 March, 2017

“Having been on this Committee now 36 of my 37 years, I have to tell you that I remember when Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania, one of the most brutal dictatorships, with the Securitate, the KGB equivalent, every year his lobby form would come around with bullet points. They made them look like they were Mother Theresa. It’s just incredible.


President Donald Trump

Trump's suspicion of foreign aid to Africa is righ…

09 March, 2017

Mick Mulvaney, the Director of the White House Office of Management Budget confirmed that the Trump administration is set to make “fairly dramatic reductions” in the U.S. foreign aid budget. This announcement will likely disappoint and alarm many in the foreign aid industry. There is already talk that proposals for significant cuts will face a “wall of resistance” in Congress. But serious discussion of U.S aid, particularly in Africa, is long overdue.




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