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Mammo Muchie

A giant Scholar of Pan-Africanism

30 July, 2017

By Melaku Ayele He has worked at and still continues to collaborate with institutions in the USA, England, China, Russia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ethiopia and locally in South Africa. Professor Muchie earned his Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Science, Technology, and Innovation for Development at the University of Sussex, in the United Kingdom. As a researcher he is held in high esteem by some high-ranking universities the world over. For instance he serves as a Senior Research Associate at the TMD...


Robin Murray

Remembering Robin Murray

28 July, 2017

By Professor Mammo Muchie, his former MPhil student I heard of the passing away of our truly beloved Robin Murray from my long-time friend, Gwen Sullivan, to whom Gordon White had introduced me when I was a DPhil student in 1984. I was unable to speak upon hearing the tragic news, several days after Robin had passed away. Upon hearing the pain in my silence, Gwen gently asked: “Mammo, you didn’t know?” How I wish I had known about his illness...


G20 summit in Hamburg, July 2017.

Tensions in Hamburg: The G20 Fractures

10 July, 2017

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark “I think it’s very clear that we could not reach consensus, but the differences were not papered over, they were clearly stated.” – Angela Merkel, BBC News, Jul 8, 2017 Such gatherings and summits are not always smooth, but on a planet bearing witness to a Trump presidency, there was always going to be a chance for more excitement at the G20 meet at Hamburg. Storm clouds have been brewing over economics, trade, and security, and these threatened...


Ambassador Bankole Adeoye

Ethiopia unsettles Nigerians in transit over curre…

10 July, 2017

Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Bankole Adeoye, has advised Nigerians travelling to that country to adhere to its currency declaration law in order to avoid sanctions.

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TPLF Corruption

The T-TPLF’s Corruption Prosecution Con Game

08 August, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam Author’s Note: If I assembled all of the commentaries I wrote on the T-TPLF’s corruption, it would comprise of at least two solid volumes. Back in 2013, I commented extensively on the range of T-TPLF corrupt practices in a number of sectors of the Ethiopian economy and society based on the World Bank’s 448-page report, “Diagnosing Corruption in Ethiopia”. (See my commentaries in 2013 at I even coined a word to discuss T-TPLF corruption. It is...


No taxation without representation!

Taxation With Repression and the Raging Quiet Riot…

31 July, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam James Otis, an early instigator of the American revolution, captured the rebellious sentiments and resentments of the colonists when he proclaimed, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”


Tadesse Biru Kersmo

British (In) Justice: The Persecution by Proxy Pro…

24 July, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam I cut my “legal teeth” nearly four decades ago pouring over the Magna Carta, Blackstone’s “Commentaries” and Edward Coke’s legal treatises on the primacy of common law principles and the rule of law. Coke enunciated the principle of judicial review (and supremacy) in Bonham’s Case declaring, “when an act of parliament is against common right or reason, or repugnant, or impossible to be performed, the common law will control it and adjudge such act to be void.”...




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