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The streets of Ambo have seen the return of military patrols since ethnic Oromos protested against a shipment of smuggled sugar on 25 October.

'We fear for our lives': how rumours over sugar sa…

08 November, 2017

By Tom Gardner in Ambo A brutal crackdown on protest and the return of soldiers to the streets of Oromia region has fuelled growing anger and frustration with central government. It began with a rumour. On 25 October, residents of Ambo, 120km west of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, heard word on social media that a shipment of smuggled sugar was due to pass through town.


Ethiopian B978-9 Dreamliner

The Ethiopian Airlines B787-9 Dreamliner Touches D…

07 November, 2017

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and the first to own and operate the B787-9 Dreamliner aircraft in Africa has deployed its latest aircraft to Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, yesterday on November 6, 2017.


Takele Alene in his home in Fendika, Ethiopia.

‘We Are Everywhere’: How Ethiopia Became a Land of…

07 November, 2017

By Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura A brutal crackdown on protest and the return of soldiers to the streets of Oromia region has fuelled growing anger and frustration with central government. FENDIKA, Ethiopia — When he is away from his fields, Takele Alene, a farmer in northern Ethiopia, spends a lot of his time prying into the personal and political affairs of his neighbors.


Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi Arrested for Cor…

05 November, 2017

SAUDI: Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi has been arrested along with around 48 other prominent officials and members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia, 11 princes including prince Al Waleed Bin Talal, businessmen, senior military officials and top officials on Saturday evening holding them in a luxury hotels in the capital, for allegations of “corruption.”

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State Department

Is the Sky Falling on Fake Diplomacy at the State …

04 December, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam Author’s Note: In the past few days, it has been widely reported that the fix is in to axe Rex Tillerson from the State Department and replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo by January 2018. There has been much talk about a “Rexit” since the summer when it was disclosed that Tillerson had described President Trump as a “moron”. Trump offered to compare his IQ scores with Tillerson disputing the allegation. The relationship between Trump and...

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Blue Nile

Why is Egypt Raising the Stakes of War on the Abba…

29 November, 2017

Aklog Birara (Dr) Ethiopia is prepared to share Abbay (the Blue Nile) with its neighbors in a fair and equitable manner. Ethiopia’s primary responsibility is to use it for the service of its growing population and economy. Emperor Haile Selassie, 1964 The continued assertion by Egypt that it has “a historical and natural right” to exercise hegemony over the waters of the Nile is arrogant, unwise, unfair and very dangerous for Africa. Egypt fails to appreciate the notion that the era of...


Gedu Andargachew

ET-HIOPIA-WIN-ET: Gedu Andargachew in His Own Word…

26 November, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam Ethiopiawinet in a nutshell… “Indeed, our diversity has been the amazingly distinctive feature of our Ethiopiawinet. The strong bond in the mosaic of our Ethiopiawinet is reflected in the diversity of our religions, traditions and cultural practices. The linkage of our unity over the ages has remained very strong. [Ethiopiawinet] is not something that dissipates like vapor in the air. It is not a thing swept by the wind and scattered or easily broken. It is a unity...




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