Thabo Mbeki's Speech, In Commemoration Of The 121st Anniversary Of The Battle Of Adwa, In Addis Ababa University

Thabo Mbeki.

Thabo Mbeki, the former President of the Republic of South Africa and Chairperson of the African Union high level implementation panel for Sudan, address of the Patron Of The TMF (Thabo Mbeki Foundation), in commemoration of the 121st Anniversary of the Battle of Adwa at Addis Ababa University, Ras Mekonnen Hall on March 4, 2017, spoke of “Ethiopianism” as a symbol of resistance to injustice and colonialism.

Programme Director,

Distinguished participants,

Friends, comrades, ladies and gentlemen

I would like to thank the organisers of the important Commemoration of the 121st Anniversary of the historic Battle of Adwa for inviting me to join you here today, as I did at the memorable celebration at Adwa two days ago, where the important announcement was made that the Pan-African University will be established in Adwa.

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Living History in Ethiopia | HP


By Don Mankin

The chanting of the two boys sitting under the tree reminded me of my Bar Mitzvah class over 60 years ago. The language was different - Amharic, not Hebrew - as was the religion - Ethiopian Orthodox, not Jewish - and the boys bore little resemblance to the pudgy, pasty pre-adolescent friends of my youth, but the sounds were eerily similar.

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It’s a privilege to travel among dignified Ethiopians

Colobus monkey

By Damien Enright

As I write outdoors in this extensive hotel garden (€30 double b&b) my companions are two Colobus monkeys perched on a tree 30ft above me and a dozen yards away. They are big monkeys, and have vivid black and white coats which flow behind them as they swing from tree to tree.

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(Press Release) Free Merera Gudina and all political prisoners

Prof. Merera

For Immediate Release

Free Merera Gudina and all political prisoners

Amsterdam, Washington DC, Minnesota – December 29, 2016

Top opposition leader, Dr. Merera Gudina, was arrested on October 30, 2016 upon his return from a trip to Brussels where he spoke to members of the European Parliament about the human rights situation in Ethiopia. Since his arrest, Dr. Merera has been brought to court twice but only to prolong his incarceration in both cases. The fact that he has not been officially charged yet is a tactic of the government to keep credible opposition members in suspense.

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