Ethiopia’s deadly rubbish dump landslide was down to politics, not providence

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A rescue worker holds a photo of missing children.

By William Davison in Addis Ababa | The Guardian

Fadila Bargicho believes divine intervention saved the life of one of her two sons when a landfill site collapsed near Addis Ababa. The reality is more prosaic.

It was only a misplaced shoe that prevented Fadila Bargicho from losing a second child when an avalanche of rubbish crushed makeshift houses, killing at least 113 people in Addis Ababa earlier this month.

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The Ethiopian boomtown that welcomes water firms but leaves locals thirsty

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People in Sululta queue for tap water.

By William Davison in Sululta | The Guardian

Towards the end of the day at the Abyssinia Springs bottled water factory near Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, workers hose down the car park liberally. Outside the gates, residents of the Sululta area trudge along the road with empty yellow jerrycans that they will fill from muddy wells and water points.

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Ethiopian journalist's wife urges UK and US to call for his release | The Guardian

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Bezawit Hailegiorgis.

By Jason Burke

Bezawit Hailegiorgis says western powers could help free Anania Sorri, one of tens of thousands held in Ethiopia since last year

The wife of a blogger and journalist detained in Ethiopia has called on the international community to pressure local authorities to release her husband, who is among tens of thousands held since a state of emergency was declared in the emerging east African power last year.

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Silver City’s own Ethiopian chef shares recipes and customs

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Hailu Robele.

It’s a Wednesday night and Hailu Robele is engrossed in a favorite hobby in his Silver City home. He is focused, yet merry, as he tosses garlic and spices into a dish bubbling on the stove without measuring anything. The kitchen smells wonderful, and it’s obvious even before tasting anything that he has mastered this favorite hobby of his.

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In A Small Ethiopian Town, That Fateful Choice To Flee To Europe

  • Category: Feature
Ethiopian migrants in Italy.

While the EU seeks an agreement with Libya to halt the influx of migrants across the Mediterranean, the prospect of a better life elsewhere is what all in rural Ethiopia talk about.

AGARFA, ETHIOPIA - A soldier chews on a leaf of khat, a mild stimulant, and spits it on the ground. "Hey you, ferenji, how much do you want to take me with you to Italy?" he asks me, laughing with his comrade. Ferenji means stranger in Amharic, Ethiopia’s official language.

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