Coronavirus: Ethiopia reported three new cases

Coronavirus Illustation

The Ethiopian Ministry of Health reported the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases are 29

The Ethiopian Ministry of health reported today (April 1, 2020) that the Ethiopian Public Health Institute conducted 68 laboratory tests within twenty-four hours and three cases are confirmed for COVID-19, making the total cases twenty-nine (29).

The confirmed cases are all Ethiopians. The first patient is 33 years old female with travel history to Djibouti, Brazil, India and her last travel was Congo Brazzaville.

The second patient is a 26 years old male with no travel history. However due to the nature of his job, he has contact with travellers. The third patient has contact history with a previously confirmed person and he was in the isolation center for medical follow up.

Upon the development of symptoms, all of them were in isolation center under medical follow up and laboratory test confirmed positive for COVID-19. All of the patients are under treatment in the designated treatment center. People who had contact with the patients are under follow up and further contact tracing is ongoing.

Currently, there are twenty-five (25) cases in the treatment center and two of the patients are in critical condition. As reported previously, the two cases have recovered and kept in isolation as a precautionary measure.

Considering the transmission nature of COVID-19, we urge the public to strictly follow preventive practices and comply with governmental decisions.




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